PREMIUM coaching for direct sellers!

Are you an online social seller?  Whether you represent a corporate brand selling jewelry, clothing, makeup, or your own brand or shop, Suite SassyPants is where you'll find the community to help you succeed online using attraction and relationship-based strategies of authentic engagement and value.  

Think of us as your extended team, full of resources, knowledge, and fun, plus graphics challenges, daily tips, live coaching, and actionable sales strategy to reach your social marketing goals.




A budget friendly way for direct sellers to get introductory social coaching, group accountability, and private mentorship.  ...And so much more.

"The Pants, is a lot of great information, but I’ve made more progress with the Pants than anything else. The information is here, and surprisingly enough to me, so are the friendships. I’ve grown relationships with my clientele, my friends, and VIP’s, simply just by hanging out and absorbing all the information the Pants has to offer."
- Meghan Hindrey, LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant, Columbia, MO

"I joined SassyPants specifically for the 3P’s training and now I’m never leaving! In one month my interaction and group members have increased and I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my community. I can’t thank Brenda and her team enough. The lightbulb moments I had during this training were mind blowing and have completely changed the way I’m approaching my business and community. I highly recommend SassyPants to anyone wanting to challenge themselves and grow their business community!"
- Ashley Miller, DotDotSmile Retailer, Alliance, NE

"I joined SassyPants just in time for the 3Ps month. The information and insights provided have already helped my group engagement after just two weeks of implementing what I've learned. I knew before WHAT I needed to do, but SassyPants has helped me with the HOW. Not only is the group an amazing value, but we have a lot of fun, too! You won't regret getting in the Pants!"
- Brandy Snow, LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant, Swansea, IL 

"Being in the pants has taken by business to new levels. I have promoted,
grown my team and completely changed my mindset

-Sandi-Rose Smith, Origami Owl Consultant, Rolla, MO

"You don't know you need Suite SassyPants but you do! Suite SassyPants is the daily dose
of attention and support I needed to get my business to the next level. I've set my goals
higher than ever, confident this will give me all the tools to meet them!"

- Judith Levy, LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant, Baltimore MD


Building Community 

Suite SassyPants is open to all brands or small business owners.  If you just want the focus and accountability of social marketing daily tips, monthly training, and community support, you will fit right in. While we skew toward clothing-based retailers, we have consultants from all types of brands, including clothing, jewelry, kitchenware, makeup, essential oils, skincare, Etsy sellers, and digital service providers.  This is a great way to share ideas across brands, as well as meet new people, make new friends, and connections, and expand your reach.

Sales Strategy and Business Mindset

This group is more than cheerleading.  This group is tactical and strategic social marketing and planning for your sales goal, including the analytics and math behind how to define your sales capacity based on your current inventory or volume levels, how to grow your inventory through reinvestment, and how to build your sales plan from the ground up for targeted online sales.

About Brenda Ster

"My goal is to be a one-stop shop for a direct seller's social marketing.  That means helping you with the plan to achieve YOUR goals.  SassyPants is the place to meet like-minded sellers, and get the business fundamentals.  We're the team for those who don't have a team!"

Brenda applied decades of executive management experience in the corporate sector in developing high performing teams, to her direct sales business, quickly becoming the number one sponsor in her brand.  She sustained that for two years, and now teaches all direct sellers how to optimize their online presence through attraction-based marketing strategies.  You can find her everywhere online @SuiteBrenda.